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Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Marietta

In the past, having a broken underground pipe meant your home had a serious plumbing procedure in store. To get to the damaged line, your plumber would have to dig up your yard, potentially uprooting your landscaping work and even destroying your sidewalk!

This process, known as pipe excavation, can cost a great deal, pose an inconvenience to homeowners, and take a long time to complete. Many plumbers still perform excavations as their go-to method for water and sewer line replacement today.

But when you work with Dupree, you have other options! That’s because Dupree Plumbing is one of the few independent plumbing companies to offer trenchless pipe replacement in Marietta, GA.

“No Dig” Plumbing — The Trenchless Option

With our state-of-the-art plumbing technology, you no longer need to worry about ruining your yard trying to find and fix a broken line. Our trenchless options allow us to replace the existing line without digging it up completely, most commonly by building a new seamless pipe inside of the damaged one.

There are several means of trenchless pipe replacement, but these are the main two:

  • Slip-Lining– A safe, durable epoxy is poured into the existing line, coating an inflatable bladder that is later removed. When the epoxy is completely dried, you have a strong new line built directly inside of the old one.
  • Pipe-Bursting– Using a horizontal drilling machine, a line is fed through the damaged pipe from one end to the other. The machine is pulled through, destroying the old line and replacing it with a new one.

Not every pipe replacement can be accomplished with trenchless, but in many instances trenchless solutions can save you a great deal of time and money. Wouldn’t you like to have trenchless options for your pipe replacement job? Call Dupree Plumbing for an upfront quote on trenchless water and sewer line replacement today!