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Plumber in Kennesaw Explains the Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

July 8, 2015

As a homeowner in Kennesaw, our plumbers at Dupree Plumbing want to stress the importance of the most important appliance in your home’s heating system: Your water heater. Like any other appliance, it requires maintenance attention to enable it to perform its job efficiently.

Our water heater maintenance services in Kennesaw include full, professional inspections, every year to guarantee your water heater is functioning at the most optimal level as possible, so your family can have consistent hot water access through your house.

We focus on preventing corrosion development on your tanks. This can lead to many problems including lower energy efficiency and broken temperature pressure relief valves, which can create dangerous situations. The trickiest part about evaluating your water tank is that corrosion happens from the inside, so we hone our efforts around nipping those problems in the bud.

Features of our Water Heater Maintenance Services in Kennesaw

We’ll run full and professional inspections on all the components of your entire water system including TPR (temperature relief valves), cathodic anode rods, drain sediment, gas burner, and all electric heating elements. The features of our water heater maintenance services in Kennesaw include:

  • Cost–effective options that will improve the overall water quality and flow in your home
  • Perfect customer service technique backed by quality workmanship
  • Tankless water heater solutions (if they’re more realistic for your unique home)
  • Water softener solutions that will resolve hard water issues
  • The inside scoop from the water tank pros on all types of makes and models

Benefits of our Water Heater Maintenance Services in Kennesaw

Benefits of our water heater services in Kennesaw will reach far into your future. Here are some of the best benefits our licensed and insured plumbers would like to point out:

  • Supporting the most critical water appliances on your property
  • Preventing scale mineral buildup in your tank
  • Avoiding a decrease in the energy efficiency of your unit
  • Preserving your cash because of a more water and energy efficient tank
  • Ensuring your water heater won’t blow up due to broken TPRs
  • Improved temperature regulation
  • Enhanced home and property value
  • Reliability factor in a well-executed maintenance process
  • No need to worry about a loss of hot water for showers, dishes and laundry

Call up our pro plumbers at Dupree Plumbing in Kennesaw for all our water maintenance services!