What to Consider Before A Toilet Installation

4 November 2016
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A toilet installation is a must if you expect to live in your home at all. After all, could you imagine living in a house without one? Since it’s used several times a day, it’s an absolute necessity, probably the most essential fixture of them all. If your home currently lacks a toilet or has a toilet in desperate need of replacement, you need to make sure to call up for installation immediately. However, you also need to ensure you are buying the right one. When purchasing a toilet for your home or business, there are many variables at play factoring into your decision, Height, shape, cost, color, size, style, water efficiency and flushing power are all factors that can mean the difference between you being comfortably seated on the porcelain throne or working a plunger. If you make a mistake in installing the wrong toilet, it could be an expensive mistake to make, especially if it disrupts home convenience or, worse, sanitation. You should instead take installation into serious consideration before you throw money at the nearest toilet. Taking a bit more thought into your decision will ultimately save you more money and certainly more stress.

Calling Dupree Plumbing for Plumbing Services

If you are unsure how to find the right toilet for your home, allow Dupree Plumbing to help you. We have a team of fully-trained, licensed plumbers ready to provide your plumbing services. We want to see you have plumbing fixtures in your home that will give you your money’s worth, and the toilet is the most important of them all. Once you settle on the right toilet, we can install it in your home quickly so you can receive better convenience as soon as possible. We’ll make sure you have a modern, highly-efficient toilet keeping the costs of plumbing bills down to a low. Plus, you will worry less about having to make the call for toilet repair in the near future. A modern toilet will offer long-lasting performance that will ensure you enjoy greater long-term savings. Making one quick phone call to Dupree will be one giant step toward making life in your so much easier.

5 Things to Consider Before A Toilet Installation

When you first go looking for a new toilet, you will encounter these 5 points of consideration:

  1. Utility Bills: How much are you looking to save on utility bills with your new toilet? We’re guessing every last dollar, but let’s break down the facts. Bathrooms use nearly half of the average home’s water and toilets alone account for about 25 to 30 % of your water. Older seven-gallon tanks can run you nearly 13,000 gallons per year on average. But if you were to reduce down to a newer 1.28-gallon tank, the annual average consumption could drop to about 2,300 gallons. That means you could save thousands of gallons just by switching to a smaller tank.
  2. Seat Height: Seat height can drastically alter how comfortable it can be to use your toilet. The standard height of a toilet is about 14.5 inches, measuring from floor to rim. Some models are designed to accommodate slightly taller people with a height of about 16 inches. Handicap-rated units and height-friendly models can range from 17 to 19 inches. Depending on how many people live in your household, you may want to consider getting a toilet with a seat height that can meet a wider range of needs.
  3. Bowl Shape: Toilet bowls are either round or oval-shaped. Oval shaped toilets are generally a couple of inches longer from front to back than their round counterparts. Though they are arguably more comfortable than rounder models, you should also consider your bathroom layout to ensure your desired size is possible to install. Ask a local plumbing service company like Dupree Plumbing for more information on what you should need.
  4. Space: Building codes generally require 15 inches from center to wall and at least two feet in front. While this distance will be acceptable if you already have limited space in your bathroom, having a good 30 inches in front will make you feel less cramped. And plan for enough elbow room for your sized body. You are not limited to building code measurements. They are the minimums.
  5. Performance & Efficiency: When considering a toilet’s overall efficiency, you need to consider two flushing types: gravity fed and pressure units. Gravity fed flushes will work effectively while offering something as small as 10 PSI. They are less effective in flushing but will cost less than a pressure units flushing. Pressure unit flushing will be a bit noisier and will require 25 PSI in order to flush effectively. Though they are more expensive, they will be more effective if you are looking for a stronger flush.

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