The Plumbing Inspection Checklist

31 October 2016
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A plumbing inspection can save you from tons of trouble this fall. If you just moved into a new home or are considering purchasing one, you have every right to know about the state of its plumbing. Or maybe you have lived in the same house for years, which will still need an inspection to ensure your fixtures remain reliable and efficient. Whatever your living situation, refusing to do an inspection may be setting yourself up for a season filled with stress. Problems like leaky pipes and faulty water heaters will persist, eventually costing you serious money on utility bills. In fact, allowing leaky pipes to persist in your home may result in over 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually, according to the EPA. That’s water that could have otherwise been used for a multitude of purposes, including drinking, showering, washing dishes, and so much more. And it won’t just be your pipes giving you trouble this season either. Toilets will also experience problems and, as we all know, that can lead to one huge mess no homeowner ever wants to encounter. Even giving your plumbing system just one check can go a long way in ensuring your plumbing system will be able to work without issue. One glance may reveal a whole bunch of plumbing problems requiring professional attention.

Why Should You Call Dupree for High-Quality Service?

Dupree Plumbing is more than happy this fall to provide you with plumbing services that will ensure a leak nor clog will put a damper on your enjoyment of the season. Our plumbers are fully-trained and licensed to help you with a range of plumbing issues including water heater repair, drain cleaning, pipe repair, and even a quick annual maintenance check. If it means you can go through the fall without having a single worry as to when the next plumbing emergency will break out, we are up for the task. With our help, you will be able to save money on water and bills. Even if you only have the slightest suspicion of a problem, there is certainly no harm in giving us a call. You can achieve a better peace of mind just by making a quick phone call our way.

How Can a Plumbing Inspection Help You?

Whether you call a plumber at Dupree or do it yourself, inspecting your plumbing system can do you a lot of good, especially when it can provide you with the following:

  • Your family’s well-being is protected from any kind of malignant bacteria that could float around from faulty plumbing.
  • Any repairs after the inspection will leave you with greater financial security because you’re not spending thousands of dollars on plumbing repair.
  • When your plumbing is working correctly, you’ll experience greater in-home convenience.
  • A safer, cleaner water supply that doesn’t contain any harmful toxins and bring serious illness if consumed.

What Fixtures Should You Check During A Plumbing Inspection?

When you do an inspection on your own, make sure these 4 plumbing fixtures are a required part of the process:

  1. Main Sewer: If you are ready to purchase a home, you may be disappointed to discover that its main sewer line is at high risk for malfunctioning. To avoid this possibility, ask the current homeowner about the house’s history of sewer service. If it hasn’t been maintained in a while, it’s definitely a concern and indicates there may be a serious problem within the line gone unnoticed. A plumber at Dupree can provide sewer camera inspection, which can give an up close look into your sewer line to inspect any sewer line blockages or internal damage. We can also provide trench-less sewer repair for any issues we come across.
  2. Toilets: Toilets can last you a long time, but they can’t last forever. Take note if a toilet is beginning to leak as, even though it may not appear concerning at first, it will result in a softening or discoloring of the surrounding area. This may cost you thousands of dollars in water damage restoration service if not treated immediately. You should call for leak repair immediately or, if it is beyond repair, you should seek toilet replacement.
  3. Water Heaters: Hot water is an absolute necessity in your home. You really wouldn’t be able to function in your home without it, which makes it all the more concerning when your water heater isn’t working. Giving it a close inspection is pivotal. Your water heater may provide durability and efficiency, but even allowing just one leak in the tank to persist may see you spend more money on bills and, if it leaks onto the surrounding area, water damage restoration service.
  4. Pipes: Though many homeowners take pipes for granted (mostly because they can’t see them), they are like the legs of a plumbing system. They keep things running, even when you’re not aware. However, this may also spell trouble when they do experience issues. Since they are underground, problems with piping can persist without you even knowing. You will instead have to notice problems pop up in various ways around the house including low water pressure, damps walls and floors, and even strange noises like clinging and banging. Please call for pipe repair when you notice any of them.

Catch Plumbing Problems Before They Wreak Havoc On Your Home – Schedule A Plumbing Inspection Today

Contact Dupree Plumbing today if you want to experience better fixture performance this fall thanks to a plumbing inspection!

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