6 Drain Cleaning Tips for Your Toilet

8 November 2016
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Drain cleaning is essential for any of your plumbing fixtures, but especially for your toilet. Clogs and overflow with your toilet can be particularly messy, and it’s usually due to objects going down your toilet that should not have been down there. In addition to the mess, a toilet that clogs or overflows frequently can cause lasting damage to floor coverings, sub-floors, plumbing infrastructure and even the ceiling below, when the toilet is located in an upper-level bathroom. You may lose thousands of dollars to water damage restoration service simply because you did not take care of a clogged toilet in time. Making matters even more complicated is if you live in a home with more than one toilet.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the numbers of new home constructions with three or more bathrooms each now outnumber new homes built with one to one and one-half bathrooms by a ratio of nearly ten to one. With the number of toilets increasing, the clogs will become more urgent to fix. And there’s no denying a toilet clog can be downright unsanitary as well. When the toilet is overflowing with water and who knows what else, it’s an automatic health risk to allow it persist any longer. You should not put the well-being of your household at risk and instead take the right steps in ensuring a clog doesn’t get too out of control. 

How Can Dupree Plumbing Help You?

If you want drain clogs stopped before they worsen, you should call Dupree Plumbing right away. Even when you sense the slightest trace of a problem, it will still be beneficial to call us anyway. The smallest problems can grow into the biggest plumbing nightmares, which is especially true for your toilet. Fortunately, we have a number of drain cleaning solutions for toilet clogs that will eliminate blockage as soon as possible. Of course, none of our high-quality service work would be possible without our qualified and fully-trained plumbers. They can give you greater insight as to what is causing your toilet troubles so you can preventative measures in avoiding any future clogs. With our help, you will notice greater savings on drain cleaning service, and even money saved on toilet replacement.  Your toilet will be able to work better than ever, meaning you will stay at a better peace of mind without worrying every time the toilet flushes.

6 Tips for Drain Cleaning

In addition to our services, here are 6 tips for drain cleaning for you to follow on your own time to ensure your toilet remains clog-free:

  1. Keep Surfaces Clean: All too often a clog will occur when an object on a nearby sink counter is accidentally knocked into the toilet. Nearby bathroom counters or over-the-toilet shelving often holds a wide range of objects such as jars, bottles, sponges and cosmetics. When any of these is knocked into the toilet a clog will easily occur. You should instead keep any surfaces as clear as possible to prevent this situation.
  2. Flush Twice: If the toilet has a large amount of waste or toilet paper in it, flushing twice may be necessary to completely empty the bowl. Flushing twice may also prove effective in eliminating any blockage or materials that are soon to cause blockage. A toilet that always needs to be flushed multiple times probably already suffers from some type of clog or plumbing problem. Have one of our plumbers inspect the problem.
  3. Learn to Plunge: Most homeowners know to use a plunger after a toilet clog, but some of them fail to do it properly. You should first insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, tipping it to allow any trapped air in the bell of the plunger to escape. Then position the plunger over the drain and plunge vigorously to loosen up the clog. One the water levels in the toilet go down, that’s when you know the clog has been eliminated effectively.
  4. Provide An Alternate Method of Disposal: Always keep a small garbage can in your bathroom so occupants will another method of disposal.  This will further keep any additional objects or materials from entering the drain.
  5. Educate Your Family: If you live with children, you should educate on what not to throw down the toilet drain. This can range from paper products to miscellaneous household waste products. The last thing you want is a small child throwing one of their toys down the drain and leaving you to pick up the mess.
  6. Know When to Seek Professional Help: So you have completed tips 1 thru 5 and nothing still seems to be working. In that case, you should call a plumber at Dupree Plumbing for help. When you are stuck in a difficult situation where nothing can seemingly stop a clog, our plumbing contractors will always be there for you to find the right solution.

Be Proactive – Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Service Today

Contact Dupree Plumbing today if you want to avoid any clogs or overflows with your toilet thank to highly effective drain cleaning!

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