25 October 2016
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Drain cleaning will eliminate any clogs in your drainage pipes, ensuring you will be able to use your plumbing fixtures to the best of their abilities. However, there are several homeowners out there who do not stay on top of their drains and wind up making a costly mistake. Allowing even just one drain clog to persist in your home can result in a huge plumbing nightmare with fixtures clogging left and right and the costs of your plumbing bills skyrocketing to new, unmanageable heights. Worse, the level of sanitation in your home may reach new lows, especially if it results in overflowing toilets or bad drain odors.

Nobody should live like this this during the fall, and you should instead take preventative measures in ensuring drain clogs are eliminated for good. Even just taking a few small steps with your drains can go a long way in ensuring your fall remains clog-free. If you live in larger household with more people, you need to make sure all of those varying plumbing needs are met for all fixtures. A larger household will see a higher risk of drain clogs and you need to take a proactive stance in preventing that from happening. But drain cleaning is beneficial for a household, and may prove to be the one thing allowing you to enjoy the fall more.

Calling Dupree Plumbing for Service

Dupree Plumbing should be your first choice for any drain service this fall, especially if you are experiencing frequent drain clogs right now. We have a team of plumbers on hand who can provide you with a wide range of plumbing solutions like video camera inspection and water jetting. Our plumbers will inspect all areas of your plumbing system for clogs, eliminating any lingering problem they notice before turns into something much worse. With our help, you will cut those plumbing costs, ensure steadier plumbing performance, and simply be able to enjoy life in your home again. Even better, for any last-minute plumbing problem, we can provide emergency plumbing service at any time. Day or night, you can always expect our work to be high-quality, guaranteeing you will be able to live worry free.

Top 8 Drain Cleaning Tips

You may not have the qualifications or tools to conduct drain cleaning like a plumber at Dupree, but you can still take action on your own time and prevent the risk of clogs. All you need to do is follow these 8 easy drain cleaning tips:

  1. Boil Hot Water: Boiling water and pouring it down the drain is perfect for any grease or oil buildup, as it loosens any substances sticking to drainage pipes. All it takes is boiled hot water from a pot or tea kettle to make it much easier in eliminating any buildup.
  2. Keep Grease and Oil Far Away: Speaking of grease or oil, avoid throwing it down the drain at all costs. Grease or oil can build up within your drains and harden, making it downright impossible for a plunger to reach it. Please store it in a container and throw it in the regular trash instead.
  3. Consider Installing Strainers: Kitchen and bathroom sink drains are constantly dealing with food particles, hair, and soap. This allows them to clog up quite easily. However, there is a way around this, by investing in strainers. Strainers will keep larger materials out of your drains and greatly reduce the risk of drain clogs.
  4. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Though they may eliminate clogs effectively, chemical drain cleaners can prove dangerous for your drains. Their chemical makeup can eat away at your drains and only increase your spending on pipe repair, especially if you use them too much. Use more organic solutions instead.
  5. Baking Soda and Vinegar: One cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda is a magical substance. By pouring this mixture down the drain, it will create a fizzy, eruptive effect that will clear out most clogs.
  6. Always Keep a Plunger Handy: A plunger is a simple yet effective tool that no home should go without. When you are experiencing a minor clog that pops up out of nowhere, a plunger will be able to get you out of tricky situation in a matter of seconds.
  7. Use a Drain Snake: Using a drain snake will be one of the most effective ways you can eliminate clogs, especially if a plunger proves unable to help. Drain snakes are snake-like in form, allowing them to fit into the smaller areas of the drainage pipe. Do be careful with this tool, however, as you do risk puncturing a hole in any older, corroded pipe.
  8. Pour Dish Detergent Down the Toilet: Believe it or not, dish detergent can clean dishes and your drains. Pouring a ½ cup of detergent down the toilet bowl and allowing it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes will actually loosen up any blockage within your system. You can also pour hot water down the toilet for added effect. 

Don’t Let Clogged Drains Take The Fun Out Of Your Fall Festivities, Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service Today

Contact Dupree Plumbing today if you want eliminate clogs for good with effective drain cleaning!

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