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Drain Cleaning in Marietta

Drain clogs can be due to a whole range of things – grease, hair, tree roots, collapsed pipes, and more. Dupree Plumbing has been in business since 1958, and knows exactly how to deal with all kinds of clogs. You name it, we can handle it!

Drain Snaking/Cabling

When you have a drain problem, choosing Dupree is the right call. We will perform all the necessary steps to get your drains working normally again, starting with snaking.

We will first send our cable down your clogged drain so it powerfully corkscrews through the blockage. That rotating motion will break up the debris that has accumulated over time. Once broken up and scraped off of the pipe’s interior, that debris will be able to go flow the drain with ease.

Video Camera Inspection

Once the cabling is complete, and all the pipe-blocking matter is off the interior, we will move to our next step: a video camera inspection.

We will send a camera into your drain to see what else is down there and could possibly be causing a blockage. It allows us to locate any collapses, breaks, or cracks in case that is the reason for your plumbing troubles. Video camera inspections are an easy and affordable way to find all problem areas quickly!

Water Jetting

The beauty of camera inspections is that we can find the exact location of those big , troublesome clogs, so we’ll know exactly where to direct our water jets.

Water jetting is our go-to method of drain cleaning, and here’s why:

  1. Water jetting involves sending a highly pressurized stream of water into your pipes to completely clear any and all obstructions away. It’s a tried and true technique!
  2. In addition to clearing your pipes, it also restores them back to their original condition.


Let the experts here at Dupree Plumbing handle all of your drain cleaning needs. Call us today!