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3 Reasons to Choose Dupree for Water Leak Repair in Marietta, GA

June 29, 2016

Water leaks can be a costly expensive and a major aggravation. That’s why we specialize in fast, dependable, affordable water leak repair in Marietta, GA. Did you know the average person uses more than 80 gallons of water each day? Add to this the additional water used by a continuous leak and you could easily find yourself paying for tens of thousands of gallons of water each month. Here are three good reasons to stay on top of those leaks and rely on us to keep your water flowing smoothly.

1. Peace of Mind: Worrying about costly water leaks and availability of skilled, experienced, dependable plumbing help is a stressor you can do without. From leaks to clogs to plumbing mysteries, we’re backed by over 50 Years of professional experience. We treat you like one of the family and offer 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Save Money Now And Later: Leaky toilets are the most common cause of increased water bills. Kitchen and shower faucets are a major culprit, too. Repairing these and other common household leaks immediately saves money two ways. It saves money on utility and water bills right now and it saves money on more costly future repairs. Water usage costs money but that doesn’t mean you have to pour it down the drain!

3. Top Notch Leak Detection: The plumbing in your home is out of sight. It’s situated beneath your foundation and hidden in your walls. Combining modern technology with years of experience ensure that we can find the source of any leak. We use pipe-line cameras, smoke testing and even thermo-imaging technology to get to the bottom of your problem and offer a guaranteed solution.

It’s very important to have any leak or suspected leak checked out at the first sign of trouble. Call DuPree Plumbing today and get affordable water leak repair in Marietta, GA. We’re proud to provide the service and solutions you deserve at a price you can easily afford.